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Hyper Accelerator Program


The SM@RT MATRIX™ Hyper Accelerator Program™ is ONE component of the much larger and holistic SM@RT MATRIX™ Blockchain based Hyper Accelerator Ecosystem, which is comprised of an SDGs Blockchain Technology Platform and an SDGs Blockchain Economic Zone™. There are some 17 Sustainable Development Goals and we are committed to accelerating all of them in terms of financing and achievement. However, we place a "priority action" focus on the goals associated with serious short/medium term challenges for humanity going forward.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals


Disclaimer: SM@RT is not partnered with or associated directly with the United Nations.

Program Focus


The SM@RT MATRIX™ Hyper Accelerator Program™ is very sharply and exclusively focused on "sustainability startups", companies between 1 and 7 years old, which are developing or have already developed, a very disruptive or innovative new SUSTAINABILITY IMPACT product or service solution. The solution must be capable of significantly impacting one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals depicted above.

Our goal is to aggressively hyper-accelerate some seven (7) areas of key consideration for each of the participating companies, as "engines" of greatly accelerated economic growth and global impact. These seven areas of hyper acceleration are, IN ORDER OF PRIORITY:

Each of the seven key acceleration focus areas noted above, are delivered as stand-alone but inter-related modules over the course of the program, which runs for a full twelve (12) months.

Hyper Accelerated (Venture) FUNDING

Hyper Accelerated (Team) INNOVATION

Hyper Accelerated (Market) AWARENESS

Hyper Accelerated (Operating) PRODUCTIVITY

Hyper Accelerated (Strategic) ALLIANCE

Hyper Accelerated (Global) SCALING

Hyper Accelerated (Sustainability) IMPACT

Program Structure


The SM@RT MATRIX™ Hyper Accelerator Program™ has a TWO-TIER structure, accelerating some 210 sustainability startup companies per annual cohort. We have defined 15 Specific Focus Action Categories, each being aligned with one specific Sustainable Development Goal. For each of these 15 focus categories, we have allocated TWO places in the Tier 1 accelerator program.

This was done to ensure a very good representation of most of the SDGs among the companies selected. In other words, we do not want to have the Tier 1 cohort dominated by several companies from one Specific Focus Action Category, such as "Sustainable ENERGY".

The 15 Special Focus Action Categories are as follows:


             01. Sustainable AGRICULTURE Solutions (SDG #2):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (11 Left)

             02. Sustainable CONSUMPTION Solutions (SDG #12):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             03. Sustainable CLIMATE Solutions (SDG #13):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             04. Sustainable CITIES Solutions (SDG #11):   -   Tier 1 (0 Left)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

               05. Sustainable ECONOMIC Solutions (SDG #1, #8):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             06. Sustainable EDUCATION Solutions (SDG #4):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             07. Sustainable ENERGY Solutions (SDG #7):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             08. Sustainable ENVIRONMENT Solutions (SDG #15):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             09. Sustainable GOVERNANCE Solutions (SDG #16):   -   Tier 1 (0 Left)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             10. Sustainable HEALTHCARE Solutions (SDG #3):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             11. Sustainable INFRASTRUCTURE Solutions (SDG #9):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             12. Sustainable OCEAN Solutions (SDG #14):   -   Tier 1 (0 Left)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

                13. Sustainable PRODUCTIVITY Solutions (SDG #9):   -   Tier 1 (0 Left)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             14. Sustainable TRANSPORTATION Solutions (SDG #11):   -   (1 Left)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)

             15. Sustainable WATER Solutions (SDG #6):   -   Tier 1 (2 Available)   /  Tier 2 (12 Available)


NB. Goal #5 (Gender Equality) is not included in the 15 focus action areas, not because we don't think it's important, but because SM@RT is tacking this issue head on, by incorporating it deeply into our Blockchain based ecosystem infrastructure and operations design, via embedded education, TV awareness and positive action incentives.


Program Tiers


There will be 30 Sustainability Startups (SS) and 7 Consulting Firms (CF) in each Tier 1 Cohort. These entities will participate in the full Hyper Acceleration Program of seven program acceleration modules. The 37 Tier 1 Cohort companies complete the SM@RT $1Billion Funding Matrix, with SM@RT INC., the primary program facilitator, in the center (Funding/Block Position #1), as illustrated below.

Each of the 30 Sustainability Startups

forms the core/nucleus of one

Tier 2 Funding Matrix


The SM@RT MATRIX™ Funding/Block Position #1 (at center), has a "Soft Cap" of $298M.

Funding Matrix Model Copyright 2016-2018 SM@RT INC.


There will be 180 Sustainability Startups in each annual Tier 2 Cohort. Tier 2 startup companies will not go through the full Hyper Acceleration Program. They will participate only and indirectly in the "Accelerated Funding" aspect of each year's accelerator program.

Each of the 30 "Tier 1" Sustainability Startups which will participate in the full Accelerator Program, will serve as the CORE/MENTOR Sustainability Startup for ONE Tier 2 Accelerator Program "funding matrix", consisting of SIX (6) MENTEE Sustainability Startups in need of SEED level funding, plus some TWELVE (12) Supporting Sustainability Sponsors. Each of the six Mentee startups will be from the same sustainability focus category as the Tier 1 MENTEE Sustainability Startup. The Tier 1 Core/ Mentor startup will share their sectoral knowledge and experience, as well as insights gained from their participation in the TIER 1 accelerator program, with the six Tier 2 startups, via a private group facility within the SM@RT MATRIX™  ecosystem's online Network Community portal. Tier 2 startups will also have access to webinars based on our 7 acceleration modules.

The SM@RT MATRIX™ Tier 2 Accelerator Program "funding matrix"is illustrated below, showing the Tier 1 "mentee" Cohort Startup in the CENTRE, with the six Tier 2 Cohort Startups surrounding the Tier 1 Cohort Startup. Surrounding the six Tier 2 Cohort Startups, are twelve Sustainability Sponsors.


For every Tier 2 Sustainability Startup we accept, SM@RT will be seeking to raise maximum Seed Funding of



Each Tier 2 Funding Matrix consists of 6 Tier 2 Sustainability Startups and 12 Sustainability Sponsors, anchored by one Tier 1 Sustainability Startup.

Funding Module

The SM@RT MATRIX™ Funding Module is designed as a Blockchain based funding campaign, which is uniquely structured as the world's FIRST and only Consortium Security Token Offering™ (C-STO). This "alternative funding" model is derived from what is commonly referred to as an "ICO" (Initial Coin Offering). Security Token Sales (STOs) are the more recent, regulatory compliant version of the original ICO Blockchain fundraising model. In both the ICO and the STO model, the fundraising effort is focused on a single startup company, typically a startup building a Blockchain tech solution.

At SM@RT, we are leveraging the Blockchain token sale funding model which has proven extremely successful in terms of its ability to quickly raise tens of millions of dollars. We are taking the new STO "regulatory compliant" variation, then innovating upon that foundation to the substantial funding benefit of not just one startup company, but 217 startups in total under ONE "collaborative" token sale funding campaign, which we have defined as a Consortium Security Token Offering™ (C-STO).


Today, in order to execute a high quality, legally and regulatory compliant Blockchain token sale, it will cost several million US Dollars to meet the substantial Legal, Compliance, Technical, Marketing, Public Relations and other costs that are necessary to get it done right. Most startup companies not involved in the nascent but rapidly growing Blockchain space, simply don't have the financial means to execute a world class, fully compliant, Blockchain token sale funding campaign for themselves. 


So while the new token sale funding model is an excellent and democratizing new venture funding approach and model, its potential has not been fully unlocked for the tens of millions of startups all around the world, which have truly innovative and game changing solutions to benefit the world.

SM@RT was founded by a Strategic Business Development & Business Model Engineer. In seeking to leverage Blockchain based token sale crowdfunding for the benefit of the many startups working on sustainability solutions, he utilized his expertise to engineer a collaborative consortium business development model, effectively defining a new model of Blockchain based venture crowdfunding, that can arguably be described as, "The SUPER BOWL of Blockchain Token Sales".

The SM@RT DAC™ Sustainability Focused Action Consortium is not just another talk shop or publicity play. It is a serious collaboration framework for taking Rapid Sustainability Action at Personal, NGO, Corporate and governmental level, backed by Rapid Sustainability Project Funding via the future SM@RT Blockchain Security Token Funding Platform and Accelerator Program.


In our "C-STO" model, each of the 217 participating startups collaborate to jointly contribute to the financial costs of executing the SM@RT Consortium Security Token Sale. However, the amount which they contribute is kept to a very small and manageable figure. The great majority of the cost of executing the SM@RT Consortium Security Token Offering™ is being borne by SM@RT, supported by Private Pre-STO Investors and Sustainability Supporting Sponsors. By having "skin in the game", each of the 217 startups will be highly committed to doing what they need to do, as part of the preparation process for the staging by SM@RT, of its groundbreaking C-STO.




The financial contributions of the 217 participating companies, are determined based on whether they are Tier 1 or Tier 2 participants. Tier 1 startup participants contribute more, because SM@RT will be raising a great deal more funding for them, than it will raise for the Tier 2 startup participants. In both cases, the "sustainability startups" compete to secure one of the 30 available Tier 1 Funding Positions assigned to sustainability startups, or one of the 180 available Tier 2 Funding Positions. The additional 7 Tier 1 Funding Positions are for the Consulting Firms that make up the SM@RT Core Execution Team and are the nucleus of the SM@RT DAC™ Global Sustainability Consortium.


Tier 1 Contributions - The financial contributions for the Tier 1 companies, for which SM@RT will be raising the non-dilutive equivalent of series A, B, and C level funding, starts at US$8K and tops out at US$37K, tiny fractions of their targeted fundraise amounts. SM@RT will therefore be working to realize an A/B/C level of funding for each of the Tier 1 sustainability startups, that is 1000X their required financial contribution to the collaborative SM@RT consortium fundraise.

Tier 2 Contributions - The financial contributions for the Tier 2 startups, for which SM@RT will be raising the target sum of US$500,000 each, is US$5K. SM@RT will therefore be working to realize a level of early SEED funding for each of the Tier 2 sustainability startups, that is 100X their required financial contribution to the collaborative SM@RT consortium fundraise.

The SM@RT MATRIX™ Blockchain Ecosystem, Accelerator Program and  Consortium Security Token Offering™ (C-STO), are in effect, a Global Sustainability Promotion and Development Initiative, involving some 217 Sustainability Startups & Companies, 384 Sustainability Sponsors and several thousands of avid Sustainability Supporters across the globe, all focused on fully engaging and playing their part in "FINANCING and ACCELERATING the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals". So if you are a sustainability focused company or startup anywhere in the world, with what you and your team believe to be an innovative and disruptive sustainability solution, we invite you to apply to participate in our SM@RT MATRIX™ Hyper Accelerator Program.



Accelerator Program Synopsis Document

NB. SM@RT reserves the right to amend the contents of its Accelerator Program Synopsis document at any time at its sole discretion, in response to new insights, market intelligence or strategic partnerships.


Is This Equity or Debt Funding?

The funding we secure for companies is not equity or debt funding. It is funding via a special process of "Rapid, High-Volume Presales" of a company's sustainability product or service.

How Long Does it Take to Secure the Funding?

The funding for each company will be secured within six weeks of the launch of our funding procurement effort on behalf of each company. The funds will be transferred to each company within 14 to 30 days after it is raised, due to our independent audit procedures.

When will the Funding Procurement Effort be launched?

For the Spring 2019 Accelerator Program Cohort, the funding procurement effort (presales) will be launched on UN Earth Day, April 22, 2019.

How Many Companies will be Participating in the Spring 2019 Cohort?

37 "Tier 1" Sustainability Startup Companies, including SM@RT, will participate in the Spring 2019 Cohort of the SM@RT MATRIX Hyper Accelerator Program. An additional 180 "Tier 2" Sustainability Startup companies will also participate, to a lesser degree, via online sessions instead of online+in-person group sessions.

Why is SM@RT a Participating Company if SM@RT is Running the Accelerator Program?

Our accelerator model is very different from that of traditional startup accelerators, where their operators tend to see and present themselves as "higher entities" that hold the keys to startup success, where they are the ones with all of the knowledge, capital access, contacts and resources their startups need. We're disrupting that old "one-way value flow" and "superiority positioning" model. We see our company as a "peer" of all of our client companies, where we believe each participating company can and should have the opportunity, to teach us a few valuable lessons and provide us with highly valuable insights throughout our 1-year accelerator program. We don't think that we know it all and that we can't receive meaningful value from our cohort of startups.


For us, this is a collaboration, an ongoing exchange of value. We deliver substantial focused value yes, but we are equally open to receiving commensurate value from the other cohort members, through rich peer-to-peer engagement in going through the program process ourselves. Some of the best lessons in life and business, are learned from a "mutual respect, two-way" interaction.

Will the Funds Raised be Divided Equally Between all of the Companies?

No. Each Tier 1 startup company decides how much money they would like to have SM@RT raise for them, then they choose whichever available Funding Position in the Funding Matrix will allow them to secure as close as possible to that amount of funding, after deduction of applicable fees. The Tier 1 SM@RT Funding Matrix has 37 Funding Positions, some of which are already taken/allocated. Each Funding Position has a unique number from 2 to 37, that corresponds to/determines the maximum amount of funding that SM@RT can raise for them, before costs are deducted.

With the Tier 2 startup companies, the amount of seed funds which they will receive, is directly proportional to what SM@RT successfully raises for its Tier 1 sustainability startup clients. The target for each Tier 2 startup is  NOT up to the startup, it is pre-determined and fixed by SM@RT at US$500,000. The amount of funds each Tier 2 sustainability startup will actually receive, is totally dependent upon the "degree of success" SM@RT has in raising the total target funds for its Tier 1 startup cohort. 

Program Demand

We've received over 200 applications on Gust.com with an additional 450+ pending submission, before moving the application process here to our own corporate site for better control of our process. We're very selective in choosing startups yes, but we're talking to several sustainability startup companies around the world each week, so please don't be misled into thinking that you have all the time in the world to apply; the remaining Accelerator/Funding Positions will not last very long, so submit your application sooner rather than later.


Accelerator Program Application Response while previously on Gust.com


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