Sustainable, Universal,
Crypto Commerce Economic
Empowerment & Development
Facilitating and Accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



Our "Sm@rtAsset"

Crypto Asset Tokens open up economic opportunities for anyone, anywhere, democratizing wealth creation and trade from the plains of Africa to the dorm rooms of Millennials in urban cities worldwide.


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A Revolution in

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New Technology is great, Smart Companies also.

However, when it comes right down to it, nothing in this world matters more than "People". Our focus is on leveraging revolutionary technology to sustainably empower companies economically, in a way that ultimately empowers people both economically and socially, in similar sustainable fashion.










SM@RT INC. is a highly disruptive Blockchain/FinTech Consulting Services Firm, leveraging Cryptographic Blockchain Assets (Tokenization) and Strategic Business Model Engineering, to create a better and more enabling World Economic Environment, toward greatly accelerating the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SM@RT embraces the global Millennial generation as its strategic partners, as they are the most tech-savvy, early adopter generation to date, the most social impact focused/motivated generation, and one of the large groups of people who are economically marginalized by both the constructs and negative actions of the legacy world economic system. 

Talk is cheap, so we don't just consult (advise and recommend) and expect our clients to "just trust us". We demonstrate the efficacy of our highly strategic thinking and business model engineering around Blockchain technology, by actually applying our precepts and models in the real world. SM@RT leverages seven different types of "Property", to create premium derivative cryptographic assets on the Blockchain that are fully fungible and tradable. These Blockchain based assets are strategically leveraged in conjunction with a proprietary derivative cryptographic currency, to facilitate either the major economic empowerment of individual citizens, high-volume presales revenue for companies, or the non-equity, non-debt funding of a wide variety of business entities, on a global level.

SM@RT's strategic economic empowerment and development platform solution is called "SM@RT MATRIX™". It is a new cryptoeconomic, "Blockchain Economic Zone" (BEZ)™ and jurisdiction spanning the globe, that over time, will consist of millions of autonomous participants /actors (companies, consumers, charities, even countries), each creating, acquiring, trading and distributing trillions of dollars in real economic value, peer to peer, on the SM@RT Blockchain. By technical definition, SM@RT MATRIX is a truly revolutionary Platform, Ecosystem, Economy and Game, engineered from the ground up to solve the underlying economic problems that prevent companies and consumers from unlocking their true and full economic growth and social impact potential.

We invite you to join our movement and mission to help usher in a new more inclusive and equitable world economic system, powered by Blockchain technology. Welcome to the MATRIX.



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