As with traveling and visiting a strange new country, you need to get a handle on the local language, so you can understand how things work, what are the different resources, the different processes, purposes and how everyone refers to them so that the meaning and intent is clearly understood. SM@RT is like a whole new country too and while English is the primary language here, we do have our special terms to make it easier to understand what we do here.
The Meaning of Terms We Use.


L    A    N    G    U    A    G    E


O   F    E   X   P   R   E   S   I   O   N
The SM@RT app will give you always on access to the full spectrum of your financial life. No matter where you go, no matter what is the situation you're faced with, they'll always be a Sm@rt money
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The Glossary of

Sm@rt Terms And Their Meanings

01 - Sm@rtAds
A special class of video commercial advertising unit that is native and exclusive to the SM@RT ecosystem web and mobile properties.
02 - Sm@rtAssets
Digital assets backed by real world value and represented in the digital realm as cryptographic tokens on a blockchain, making them fully fungible and tradable.
03 - Sm@rtBanc
A new alternative to traditional commercial banking and personal banking, providing businesses and individuals with superior financial services custom tailored for their needs with practically nonexistent fees.
04 - Sm@rtCell
The foundational development "unit" of SM@RT, based on bilogical cell characteristics and bee hive hexagon cell structure. One human "data block" defines a single "cell" as the smallest unit of SM@RT human potential and value that can be activated and linked with another of like kind, to create exponential value not possible to produce independently.
05 - Sm@rtCluster
A group of Seven (7) Millennial members of the SM@RT community visualized as a hexagon cluster, where the member in the center is the one who referred the other six members to join SM@RT, or the lead member of a 7-person SM@RT project development team.
06 - Sm@rtContracts
A digital contract between one or more parties, where sophisticated programming (code) manages the terms and fulfillment of the contract and the obligations of the parties thereto, eliminating the need for trust.
07 - Sm@rtCurrency
A portfolio of premium, interlinked digital currency denominations that are native to the SM@RT ecosystem, facilitating a superior digital currency user experience we call Digital Currency 3.0.
08 - Sm@rtData
Sm@rtData is our unique perspective on so-called "Big Data". We believe that far more important that volume/size of actionable data, is the smart collation, analysis and extrapolation of key data points.
09 - Sm@rtDAQX
The fully decentralized digital asset exchange of the SM@RT Decentralized Autonomous Blockchain Ecosystem, facilitating superior digital asset trading 24/7365 anywhere in the world.
100 - Sm@rtEconomy
The global marketplace and activity around the development, deployment and adoption of smart products and services in B2B and B2C verticals, anchored to the SM@RT ecosystem.
11 - Sm@rtExpo
A comprehensive showcase of blockchain industry companies, products and services from all across the globe, within a perpetual online, virtual reality enhanced exposition.
12 - Sm@rtFund
A world class pre-sales facilitation and crowdfunding service catering to the needs of SMEs and private individual investors seeking exceptional blockchain-oriented investment opportunities.
13 - Sm@rtMember
A Registered, Identified, INDIVIDUAL (Non-Business) Member of the SM@RT Online Community.
14 - Sm@rtOffice
The online, technology-focused community of the SM@RT Decentralized Autonomous Blockchain Ecosystem.
It will consist of city-level community business network sites focused on deal flow, not posts and likes.
15 - Sm@rtPass
A Smartphone digital pass file used as a dynamically updatable ticket, membership card, store card etc., linked to a smart contract on a blockchain.
15 - Sm@rtProject
A SM@RT ecosystem project which seeks to create new value for the SM@RT ecosystem and community.
16 - Sm@rtShare
One common equity share in the company SM@RT, which owns and operates the SM@RT Decentralized Autonomous Blockchain Ecosystem.
17 - Sm@rtStore
The SM@RT ecommerce store where branded SM@RT merchandise is available for purchase by anyone anywhere in the world.
18 - Sm@rtTeam
A core group of Seven (7) Sm@rtMembers formed to work on a SM@RT ecosystem project, which is called a Sm@rtProject.
19 - Sm@rtMember
A Registered, Identified, INDIVIDUAL (Non-Business) Member of the SM@RT Online Community.
20 - Sm@rtMember
A Registered, Identified, INDIVIDUAL (Non-Business) Member of the SM@RT Online Community.

Key Terms To Know

The SM@RT Glossary
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