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Consortium Security Token Sale

Campaign & Live Event

Raising a minimum of US$1Billion in Venture Funding

Across 217 Sustainability Startup Companies

April 22nd













The Global Sustainability Cryptocurrency



Symbol: STZ

Total Supply: 21 Trillion Units


Powering the Global Restoration of Atmosphere, Ocean and Land Sustainability,

through Strategic Business Development and Advanced Token Economics.

1 STZ = 1 USD

NB. The SM@RTZ™ (STZ) Cryptocurrency CANNOT be purchased during the SM@RT Security Token Offering under Reg. D 506(c) and Reg. S.

They can only be EARNED by purchasing the tokens representing the products and/or services of our 37 Tier 1 Sustainability Startups.

Post STO, The SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency will be mined/earned by all stakeholders,

by performance of hundreds of different positive Sustainability @ctions, online and offline.

Only Accredited Investors will be able to purchase STZ and only to participate in the

SM@RT WORLD™ global Sustainability Impact Investment & Development (SIID) fund. 

*: (a) Because you don't solve a multi-trillion-dollar sustainability financing problem and mobilize $Trillions in investment capital, with a cryptocurrency supply limited to 21 million units.

     (b) Trying to feel wealthy looking at 12.09127643 BTC in a wallet? "Ain't nobody got time for that". Psychologically, for humans, true wealth starts at 8 digits before the decimal point.

     (c) SM@RTZ™ is a cryptocurrency designed for global commerce at the same level as the US Dollar. It is not a "scarcity" token to facilitate "get rich quick" speculative trading ambitions.


Call For


We're seeking a total of 36 Startup Companies from around the world, to participate in the SM@RT IVO as Founding Members of the SM@RT DAC™ CONSORTIUM.

If you're a startup founder in any industry with a clear "Sustainability" impact aligned with one or more of the UN SDGs, seeking funding to develop your startup but you're daunted by the prospect of spending a year or more pursuing Angel or VC funding with no guarantees of success, we invite you to consider a very powerful and disruptive funding alternative.

As you can imagine, applications are flowing in

at an increasing pace and 36 spots will not take long to fill,

so we encourage you to gather your startup's info and



NB. Your company does NOT have to be using Blockchain Technology to be selected.

You must have a product or service that is either on the market already or is going to be available in its first version within 12 months of the IVO in Q2 2019. The product or service should solve a real world problem and have a strong sustainability impact.




We're seeking a total of 36 Registered Charities from

all around the world, to participate in the SM@RT IVO as Founding Members of the SM@RT IMPACT ALLIANCE.

Every year, financially challenged charities are

obliged to spend a great deal of time and effort planning and executing initiatives and events, in hopes of attracting significant sponsorship revenue to fulfill their mandate.

What if your Charity could spend more time planning and executing more effective social impact interventions as per its mandate instead, secure in the knowledge that there was a steady and consistent flow of donations coming in on "autopilot"? If that sounds amazing to you as the head executive of a charity, contact us to learn more.

Charities play an important role in society, but being charities, they are not equipped with the level of strategic business development expertise or sales and marketing expertise, to create and sell truly extraordinary fundraising initiatives and events

that attract major sponsorship funds like a magnet. SM@RT's Blockchain Ecosystem SM@RT MATRIX, is the first and only Blockchain system to automate Corporate Social Responsibility, where every transaction on the network results in an automatic donation of 100% of the transaction fees to a pre-determined SIA registered charity.




We're seeking to engage 1M Sustainability Conscious

People from all around the world, to participate in the upcoming SM@RT IVO. Whether you're a seasoned crypto asset "Collector" or a sustainability advocate, we're asking for your individual support and participation.

In Q2 2019, some 40 premium crypto asset tokens

will be available for acquisition, under a US Regulation D and S exemption filing, offered for sale in any jurisdiction (accredited investors only in the US). What's more, depending on your level of support in acquiring these crypto assets, you will qualify for awards of another type of premium crypto asset of "xtraordinary value".

AML/KYC registration will be required to participate in the SM@RT IVO. Sign up above to receive updates

and be the first to know when registration opens. Let's make history and change the world through Blockchain powered sustainable financing and development at global scale... TOGETHER.





Access Presently Restricted Until Official Release Date