SM@RTZ™ is the protocol cryptocurrency of the SM@RT Blockchain being built for release in Q1 2018. This is the cryptocurrency which will be required to pay the transaction fees on the SM@RT Blockchain. It is the only cryptocurrency in the SM@RT Currency portfolio which will be tradable on third party exchanges with its price determined by supply and demand.


  • This is an ERC 20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain in order to facilitate the SM@RT Crowdsale in Q4 2017. Once the SM@RT blockchain build is completed, the SM@RTZ™ ERC 20 tokens will be retired and replaced by SM@RTZ™ tokens generated on the SM@RT blockchain.


    Holders of the interim ERC 20 SM@RTZ™ tokens will be able to swap them for the new SM@RTZ™ tokens and will receive a reward for doing so within the stipulated swap period. The "acquisition value" of a SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency token during the SM@RT Crowdsale will be US$1.00, so you are acquiring them at a 50% saving here on the SM@RT STORE prior to the launch of the crowdsale.


    NB. This is NOT a public offering. Only members of the SM@RT MATRIX online community can access this store and only if they are holders of a valid Sm@rtLicense™.