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The United Nations organization has created an international initiative called the Sustainable Development Goals, with a view to engaging world governments and citizens to bring about the stated goals' objectives by 2030. While we applaud the initiative of the United Nations, as strategic business development professionals, we immediately recognize that for EVERY ONE of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, there is an underlying problem of great magnitude, that stands defiantly in the way of the achievement of the goals.

DISCLAIMER: The United Nations is NOT associated with SM@RT INC.


Whether you are trying to eliminate poverty, ensure clean water for all, or optimize urban cities with efficiency and sustainability solutions, it all comes down to economic oppression and marginalization. Both developing countries and developed countries have their economic issues, at the country level (government), at the commercial level (companies), at the consumer level (citizens) and surely at the social intervention level (charities).

Countries have large fiscal deficits, many companies are starved of access to capital to grow and create jobs, most consumers have limited economic growth opportunities coupled with high personal debt, and charities are forced to spend way too much of their time trying to conceptualize and execute "fundraising initiatives", in order to attract enough sponsorship revenue to fund their charitable activities for the benefit of society. This economic conundrum is a product of the old legacy World Economic System, which virtually guarantees that the wealthy get wealthier through more access to the best economic growth opportunities, while the poor and economically marginalized get even more poor and marginalized.

This happens above the poverty line as well, with lower-income and middle-income families and individuals all over the world, struggling to survive economically speaking, while slipping further and further into debt and lack. While many different organizations and individuals have started initiatives of one kind or another focused on one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and while they have achieved some positive things, the reality is that these efforts cannot scale to the degree that is necessary, to have a truly SUSTAINABLE and irreversible impact toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


In the grand scheme of things, such initiatives, while they must continue and must be lauded, are currently just well intentioned "isolated actions", fighting (consciously or unknowingly), against the massive world economic system that is virtually impossible to displace that way. It is very much like shooting arrows at the largest dinosaur to ever walk the earth; and a voracious dinosaur is exactly what the old legacy world economic system really is, devouring the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the economically oppressed and marginalized of the world, the 99%, virtually drowning them in an ocean of debt and denied access to economic growth opportunities. 

It is time for SMART THINKING and SMARTER ACTIONS, to build a better economic reality for everyone.




It's no secret, Millennials like you don't really care too much about owning valuable stuff, preferring to accumulate truly meaningful "experiences" than object of wealth. You are the driving force behind the emerging "sharing economy", willing to share resources "on-demand" rather than dealing with the cost of ownership and full time access if it isn't really necessary or exceptionally beneficial.

One of the most remarkable things about Millennials, however, is their powerful innate desire to make a meaningful social impact on the world at large, to leave it in a better shape than they found it. While all generations before you have many people with this innate desire, you are the largest generation to reflect this trait at scale, backed up by definitive impact actions large or small, as often as possible.

SM@RT INC. is founded by the father of a Millennial, who, by virtue of this vantage point, has become intimately aware about the many economic challenges that your generation faces, including Trillions of dollars in student loan debt that is a huge economic growth damper on the lives of many Millennials. It was disheartening to discover that Millennials are the first generation in history, to earn 20% less than the generation before them did at the same age, adjusting for inflation.

Nevertheless, we believe that can change. SM@RT INC. was founded to be "The Millennial Company", a company that does not follow the status quo approach and which is designed and engineered from the ground up to be the single most inspired company a Millennial could ever hope to work for. Furthermore, SM@RT's corporate mandate is to partner with the Millennial generation, to build a global company dedicated to solving the acute economic oppression and marginalization problems that stand in the way of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while simultaneously unlocking the true and full economic and social impact potential of Millennials from all walks of life, worldwide. 

DISCLAIMER: Don Tapscott is NOT associated with SM@RT INC.


Architecting & Building the Internet of Value

We have incorporated the company and have spent almost two years researching Blockchain technology and designing a new global economic system as an alternative to the old world economic system (the dinosaur). We've found that the HEART of the old dinosaur is EXTREME centralization and control (intermediation) of data, financial value and access to economic growth opportunities. Blockchain technology facilitates a degree of decentralization and disintermediation that cannot be stopped, once IMPLEMENTED QUICKLY AT LARGE SCALE. We have now designed a highly strategic, Humanitarian focused, business development based and crypto economics driven Platform and Ecosystem. This platform and ecosystem, called "SM@RT MATRIX", has the elements needed to bring about monumental economic transformation at a global level in favor of the economically challenged.

We thus are inviting the "SMART MILLENNIALS" of the world to join forces in building a company from the ground up; a company unlike any other, with the audacity to challenge the largest status quo world system in existence, the old legacy world economic system. We invite you to be SM@RT's "Honorary Co-Founders", working diligently and tirelessly to first build out our revolutionary Blockchain Platform and Ecosystem, then ultimately, promoting it and using it to fight the good fight for economic inclusion, transparency and opportunity for all, regardless of current social status, race or religious beliefs. We are building a decentralized economic system, but not one that is 100% decentralized, because 100% decentralization and autonomy will result in a proliferation of bad actors and bad, destructive actions, with no way to stop them. We will have a system of common sense controls.

As Millennials, you are tech savvy and you are smart... and there are some 2 Billion of you worldwide. We can think of no more powerful human force, to take on the responsibility of replacing the badly broken economic engine of planet earth and replacing it with a new, more powerful, more sustainable and fair one, than the smart Millennial generation. We hope you will be inspired to come together as an unstoppable "swarm", a Global Force for Good, to make a collective social impact on the world that will completely reshape the future of mankind, for the better.


Robin P. Belle, Founder

SM@RT INC. - The Millennial Company





These situations won't change by wishful thinking.

       Transformation requires a powerful vision of a better future (SM@RT Vision),

       It requires an extraordinarily powerful execution plan and vehicle (SM@RT Company),

       It also requires an extraordinarily powerful engine of change (SM@RT Blockchain),

       It requires an extraordinarily powerful and premium engine fuel (SM@RT Crypto Currency)


                    Bust most of all...

    requires a global army of extraordinarily passionate and committed drivers (SM@RT Millennials)

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